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Italy food tours

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Italy food tours

Do you consider yourself a foodie, do you like to eat well, are you willing to discover some secrets of Italian cuisine? If you answered “yes!” even once we would like to invite you to one of your Italy food tours!

Advantages of the food tours

Food tours are the perfect way not to just discover the beauty of the country, but literally taste its gastronomic traditions opening the door to its history and culture. In fact, practically all traditional dishes and local specialties became traditional and special because of some historical, cultural or geographical reasons. Let’s take for example the Tuscan bread. This traditional bread is made without adding any salt into the dough, because in 1540 the Pope Paul III imposed a tax on salt that made this product incredibly expensive and forced the locals review their recipes. The centuries passed by, but the tradition to bake the saltless bread is still alive. And practically everything you are going to taste during your Food tour has its unique story and wonderful taste of course! This gastronomic adventure is not just banal eating: here you will discover the antique recipes and really appreciate the culinary tradition of the local people.

What will you do on your tour?

Your private guide will take you to a historic food market where you will see the authentic products of the area, locally grown fruits and vegetables, top-quality meat, varieties of salamis, cheeses and spices. You will taste everything you want while your guide is telling you the secrets of the products you enjoy. After having tasted and seen enough here you will be taken to a traditional delicacy store where they carry top-quality extra-virgin olive oil. A slice of bread with olive oil on top will open the door of “Italian” paradise for you. In fact, excellent quality olive oil is something that Italians are very proud and fond of. Ask the shop assistant to tell you something about the oil he sells and you will see the light of passion to this wonderful product in his eyes.

And of course, the food tour in Italy should not exist without wine tasting. There are so many different labels here that you can start feeling dizzy just from the amount of their names. All Italian wines have their history and tradition. Tasting them, you taste the drink which recipe was created long

time ago and improved over the centuries. Red and white, prosecco or sweet dessert wines… are you still sober? Ok, we’ll order some grappa or limoncello for you!

Tuscan “specialty”

Guests of Tuscany have a great opportunity to visit the Chocolate Valley, the area where the top-quality chocolate of Italy is produced. It’s a magic place that will be loved by kids or where you yourself can feel like a child again.

Italy consists of 20 regions and each of them has its unique characteristics reflected in local cuisine.

Italy food tours are the perfect way to explore the place through the prism of culinary, gastronomic traditions and wine production of the area.

Spice up your vacation! Call us now and book your private food tour today! and we promise that’s going to be your “tastiest” vacation ever!

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