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For those who are needing chauffeur service for visit around the entirety of the Tuscan region we offer a full line of services to make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable.  All of our vehicles are premium Mercedes-Benz recent model cars, SUVs, and multi-passenger vans. Our drivers are all fluent English speakers and are all fully vetted. they are always welcoming with a smile and an eager attitude.  For those who are transferring between cities, we offer sightseeing options, which let you stop over at key tourist spots and shopping opportunities as you make your way between the major cities and towns of Tuscany. Thanks to our convenient booking and 24/7 emergency helpline access you can be assured that no matter if it is for sightseeing or ride to or from airport, we are your top choice for transportation services in Tuscany.

Tuscany Chauffeur Service to Explore the Land of Enchantment, History, and Nobility

When most people think of Italy what they are actually thinking of is Tuscany. Tuscany is a region on the western side of the Italian peninsula in central Italy. The region is very large and has several distinct sub-regions, each with its own flavor and culture. Some of the oldest settlements in Europe are located in the Tuscan region.  The area is divided into several provinces, each with its own capital. These cities and towns are popular destinations and all feature attractions and sights of cultural and historic significance. While you are visiting Tuscany as part of your Italian holiday, you will, of course, want to visit sights in all of these cities and towns, not to mention the surrounding areas of the individual provinces.  Getting around can be a bit of a challenge for those who are not familiar with the landscape, and for that reason, and the extended distance between some of these Tuscan cities, it is recommended that you use a chauffeur service. A chauffeur driven vehicle in Tuscany is perfect for both sightseeing and for transfers between cities and between ports and airports if you are on a transportation layover. We offer options that also include the ability to stop and see the sights during a ride out of the city to your next destination.  This is a great way to sneak in a location or two that you just didn’t have time for yet, or to make a few extra memories before departing to head home.

Chauffeur Service in Tuscany Smart Choice

Choosing to use a private chauffeur service in Tuscany is smart, especially if you are taking day trips between cities such as Livorno, Florence, Pisa, and others. Pisa with its ancient sites, museums, and universities is a popular place for history buffs.  Florence, the crown jewel of Italy, is a cultural center today as much as it was during the Renaissance. The city also offers world-class hotels and incredible golfing for those who play. In Livorno, shopping and entertainment abound, along with incredible seafood restaurants that offer innovative cuisine like you won’t find anywhere else.  No matter what you are into, the Tuscany region has something for everyone. Having a car at your disposal for everything from shopping to sightseeing is not only convenient, but it makes for a more enjoyable vacation. You can create your own tour itinerary and enjoy the experiences that you want to enjoy on your own schedule. You can come and go anywhere that you please for both in city attractions and special destinations in secluded areas outside of the major cities.

Chauffeur vs. Driver Guide Service in Tuscany

When visiting the ancient cities of Siena and San Gimignano, as well as the famous wine region of Chianti, using a private Tuscany chauffeur service is a must have.  These areas are far afield of each other and the major cities, so you want to have a comfortable and relaxing ride that offers you the ability to sit back and read about the towns and their significance.  On these excursions, we highly recommend the add-on of a driver guide instead of just a chauffeur. This will allow you to learn more about the wineries, the villas, the gardens and the farms that you will be visiting.  When you arrive at the ancient hill towns, the driver guide will be happy to tell you about the towers, the walls, the squares and city centers that comprise these beautiful villages dating back hundreds of years.

We Can Be Your Top Transportation Company in Tuscany

Drivers Guide Tours is a premium provider of Chauffeur Service in Tuscany and is proud of the services that we offer clients who are visiting the region as part of their Italian holiday.  We are happy to work with travel agencies, airlines, hotels, tour operators, and cruise lines to provide you add-on services for transportation to and from a wide variety of sights and attractions in Tuscany as well as transfers between ports, airports, and cities.  We are not a travel agency or tour operator ourselves, and as such we enjoy the neutrality that allows us to better serve you and make recommendations of the best places to go and things to see. We offer a wide variety of luxury vehicles, all the latest models from Mercedes-Benz, and one of the best fleet in the region.  All of our drivers are fluent in English and are professional and knowledgeable. Our driver guides are very familiar with the sights and the history of the area and are always happy to share information with you while visiting locations of significance. One thing that sets us apart from the rest is that we also offer a 24/7 emergency phone help line.  This means that no matter what happens you can have peace of mind that help is just a phone call away, and the unexpected won’t ruin your trip.

You are very welcome to look over the rest of our site and then contact us using our online form or e-mail. If you would like to talk to us on the phone, please call 1-866-746-4348 from the United States and Canada. We offer convenient booking options that make getting the car hire that you need easy and hassle free.  We look forward to hearing from you and to helping you have the best Tuscan adventure possible.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

What our customers are saying


I want to thank you for such a wonderful vacation that my family had with your company. Our trip to Italy was one of the best we have experienced. That greatness was made in large part by the people that looked after us and toured us from place to place. I hope to travel with you again when we come back to Italy!

Jennifer L.


I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help coordinating our travel throughout our stay. We absolutely loved each of our drivers and everything was truly perfect. We will sing your praises to any and all friends who may be traveling to Italy and I hope to use your service when we can make it back there ourselves!

Anna F.


I was extremely satisfied with all aspects of our journeys from Florence to Siena and from Siena to Rome. The drivers and cars were excellent, the timing perfect and I would have no hesitation in continuing to book with you in future. Thank you for all the help with our transportation needs. Your team is so great!

Andrew D.


We had a wonderful day trip with our Driver Guide! He was polite, intelligent, considerate and extremely knowledgeable! We appreciate every consideration he showed to make our experience in Tuscany beyond our expectations. We will definitely recommend your company to our friends and use you again in future!

David B.


I just wanted to say that our driver was absolutely exceptional!! Friendly, extremely safe, efficient, punctual and very accommodating... just above and beyond in every way. He had great recommendations too (restaurants, wineries, shopping, etc) We will 100% use your services again, and highly recommend you to our friends.

Samantha C.


Our transfers from airport and all other transfers were perfect. All of the drivers we had were absolutely brilliant, attentive and welcoming as well as being on time in every case. Thank you very much for making our holiday stress-free and enjoyable. Your company is just great, and we had terrific experiences!

Phil M.