Pisa and Lucca Day Tour

The Miracle Square with its leaning tower, cathedral, baptistery and “campo santo” form the architectural complex which is commonly considered one of the most beautiful in Europe. The nearby Lucca is a city with totally different character, it has a perfectly preserved historical center and city walls, is possibly the sight of Tuscany where its powerful past is very visible and enjoyable nowadays.

The greatest legacy of Pisa is it’s unique architecture and art. The Duomo was the first cathedral in Tuscany where the innovative “Pisan-Romanesque” style was fully developed and later copied for many other churches built all over the western Mediterranean.  Inside, the main feature is the elaborate pulpit.  The Baptistery, in front of the facade contains another Pisano’s lovely pulpit.

And climbing the leaning tower is surely an evocative experience, and time permitting should not be missed. This is the only building in the world where one could get out at each single level and walk around its exterior 360°

A neighboring rival of Pisa, just to the north, is Lucca.  Its 16th century walls serve as a perfect introduction to the serene beauty of the city within.  Here you’ll find landmarks diverse in appearance and history – from a medieval maze of alleyways to the Roman grid-like arrangement of passageways, from Renaissance loggias to Rococo facades.

Lucca has a distinctive look among Tuscany’s towns; beneath red-tiled roofs, the buildings are brick, white or cream; the palaces are more open, less fortress-like, and the church crenulations rises slender and delicate toward the sky.  It is in flavour more feminine, more aristocratic, and more northern European than other cities in Tuscany.

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