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    san casciano dei bagni - Spa tours

    The hot thermal waters of San Casciano dei Bagni have been well-known for their anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties for thousands of years. Bathing in this water is good for locomotive and muscular system. It has also a peeling and regenerating effect that helps to make skin look younger and more beautiful.

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    The legend says that the Saturnia Thermal springs appeared in the place where the spear of furious Jupiter hit the ground instead of Saturn for whom it was meant.  The temperature of the water here is 37.5 °C. The water has lots of healing properties and was used from the Etruscan times for this reason. It helps various skin conditions, has a peeling effect and antiseptic cleansing action. The water is good for cardiovascular and respiratory system too.

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    saturniya - Spa tours
    bagno Vignoni - Spa tours

    Bagno Vignoni is another thermal spring area worth your attention. This quaint hill town overlooking the Orcia valley has been famous from the Etruscan and Roman times for the healing properties of its warm water helping with various skin conditions, and arthritis. Historic personalities such as Laurence the Magnificent and St. Catherine of Siena used to come here as well. The large medieval pool they used is still in a perfect condition and dominates the center of the village as a unique main square.

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    Rapolano Terme hot spring water rich in sulphur and calcium bicarbonate helps muscular-skeletal and respiratory systems. Relaxing muscles and taking away aches and pains, this water has also noticeable effects on a range of dermatological problems from acne to eczema. And the landscapes here are just gorgeous!

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    rapolano - Spa tours
    petriolo2 - Spa tours

    One of the most renowned thermal location is the Bagni di Petriolo with the temperature of its sulphur water of 43°C. Situated in a very picturesque area of the Tuscan countryside these springs were used by the Medici family. Today they are available for you!

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    Driving Guide Tours travel team will help you design a perfect itinerary for your Spa Tour! Come to Tuscany and let us advise you how to ideally balance relaxation with sightseeing. You can experience as many resorts as you desire and each time you reach the next thermal destination or on your way back to the airport we will help you choose inspiring medieval hill towns and castles you can stop at for sightseeing. Have a few days of relaxation receiving your spa treatments and don’t forget that each of these resorts is very close to primary wine production areas so that fitting some wine tasting at local boutique wineries can be done at any time of your escape. We can plan it all, to perfectly match your desires. Contact us for more information now!


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