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Our perfectly trained personnel includes Professional Chauffeurs, Driver Guides, and Specialized Local Guides who have extensive geographical and technical knowledge providing our clients with maximum comfort and confidence on the road. Our chauffeurs are also extremely familiar with main destinations in Italy allowing our clients designing an itinerary if they prefer playing it by ear directly with them to better suit their interests and preferences.


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The Driver Guide is a professional chauffer who is also a licensed Tour Conductor. Perfectly familiar with the area, its geography and history he will give you a deeper understanding of all the sights and places you go, making sure you feel at home everywhere. A Driver Guide is advisable for those who want to get constant assistance in ever place they visit, his commentary while driving to places will be very thorough and informative.

Local Guide

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Our Specialized Local Guides are licensed professionals capable of giving in depth explanations about history, art and culture of city sights such as museums, churches and all monuments that will make your sightseeing an unforgettable experience. The Tour Guide is allowing people not just see the sights, but will highlight the treasures of Italian culture and bring them to life. Your Tour Guide provided by us will make sure you are not missing anything.


Everybody can sell you a tour, we want to ensure the right experience for our clients.
It is our purpose to provide you with such expertise and knowledge which will let you experience Florence, Tuscany and Italy in such an insightful and delightful way as only someone in profound love with his own country can fully communicate.
“Click – Book – Pay for the Tour” is not the basis on which we provide the services to our clients. Our travel consultants analyze the clients’ interests and goals for their tour of Tuscany or Italy by direct communication with them. This way we deliver our services beyond expectations.

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