komnata 221 1 min 500x300 - LUXURY S.U.V.komnata 221 1 min 1024x615 - LUXURY S.U.V.
unnamed11 min 500x300 - LUXURY S.U.V.unnamed11 min 1024x615 - LUXURY S.U.V.
GLS pered min 500x375 - LUXURY S.U.V.GLS pered min 1024x768 - LUXURY S.U.V.
GLSpassazhirskoe min 500x375 - LUXURY S.U.V.GLSpassazhirskoe min 1024x768 - LUXURY S.U.V.

Mercedes GLS

Number of passengers: 6 (4 with luggage)

The most luxurious, roomy and elegant SUV on the market, that offers the highest standard of safety and comfort, close to that of the S Class, yet allowing a much larger luggage capacity and room on board.