komnata 9 1 1 min 1 500x300 - DELUXE MINIBUSkomnata 9 1 1 min 1 1024x614 - DELUXE MINIBUS
komnata 551 3 min 500x300 - DELUXE MINIBUSkomnata 551 3 min 1024x614 - DELUXE MINIBUS
Medio voditelskoe min 375x500 - DELUXE MINIBUSMedio voditelskoe min - DELUXE MINIBUS
Medio salon min 500x375 - DELUXE MINIBUSMedio salon min 1024x768 - DELUXE MINIBUS

Mercedes Sprinter

Number of passengers: 8

The most roomy and comfortable minibus on the market. You can walk in it standing straight.
It’s built in 3 lengths: Compact, Long and Extra Long. The Long carries up to 10 suitcases, the Extra Long has such a huge trunk that can easily fit over 24 full size suitcases.
In our fleet we have 2 Sprinters: 1 Long and 1 Extra Long, both feature with custom designed improved deluxe interiors featuring reclineable leather seats, double A/C, fridge, overhead compartment and as electric door.