⦁ Airports: Our drivers wait outside the luggage claim area, right outside of the custom, possibly many people will be holding signs and also your driver will be there posting your name on a board. That’s how you identify your driver.

⦁ Our service and price includes parking and waiting up to one hour after the scheduled landing time.

⦁ Ship: You’ll find the car or van parked right on the pier where your ship docks at the time you set. Your name will be posted on its windshield or if allowed to park the vehicle the driver will walk with the sign at hand to the gangway, but since most large ships have more than 1 gangways, if you don’t’ see your driver right away, look around for him, ask where chauffeur service vehicles stand, before you get frantic and assume he’s not there.

⦁ Hotel: in particular cases (on reques) we let our driver announce himself to the concierge as he reached the hotel but DO NOT want that the passengers are called in the room to announce that the driver or guide has arrived.

⦁ The assumption is “The passenger knows at what time the service is booked, when he is ready he will come down, don’t disturb the passenger announcing yourself” but the majority of the people will expect that we do announce ourselves when we arrive, and so we will do.

⦁ Train Station: Arriving at the station, just as you come down from the train, follow the flow of the people leaving the train till you get to the head of the train and you’ll see a person with a sign with your name right on the platform where the train pulls in. If you don’t see the person right away, please wait a few minutes right there, don’t run around the station to find him, you will NEVER find him this way. Sometimes trains arrive early, sometimes they arrive on a different track than the announced one, it may take a few minutes for the driver to locate where you are but he will.