⦁ Florence central station is a transit station, 95% of the trains that international passengers will ever use don’t originate or end in Florence train station Santa Maria Novella (SMN) if you go to Rome, the train may come for Milan or Venice stop in Florence for 8 minutes and continue on south.

⦁ If you go to Venice the train will come from Naples or Rome stop in Florence for 8 minutes and continue on north.

⦁ There is no luggage check in on Italian Trains, and trains are not well equipped with luggage storage.

⦁ Porters are not available on the spot at Florence station, they should be booked ahead of time.

⦁ If you are not familiar with our train system, ask for advice to your driver and he will explain you how to handle the train.

⦁ In case of particular needs or uncertainty, assistance can be booked aside so that either the driver will stay with the passenger till they have boarded the train, or we will provide a separate person to do it.