⦁ We pride ourselves in offering excellent availability, but like every successful business we are indeed quite busy, therefore late requests should not be made by our customers assuming we will accept them.

⦁ If you are not familiar with the high-season periods in Tuscany, the best solution is to always book as soon as you are certain of the dates of the service being booked.

⦁ When you give us your final plan and we email you the Credit Card Authorization Letter for you to sign and fax back to us (See relative question) we will option the services for 7 days, in case you send us the form 8 days after or later we may not be able to confirm the booking and they may have to be rescheduled.

⦁ If the booking is for services less than a week away, we will maintain the option for only 24 hrs.

⦁ Upon receipt of your Authorization Letter, we will confirm the booking in writing in timely fashion.

⦁ In case you book services more than 2 months away we will only charge your card about 1 month before the beginning of the services.