⦁ You may email us at booking@drivingguidetours.com with the specifics, providing we have the availability for the amended booking we will make the needed adjustments on the rates and we’ll send a new confirmation.

⦁ We can accept as amends, variations which don’t decrease the overall chargeable amount of service of more than a 20%, and as long as such requests are received by phone, email or fax at least 48 prior to the beginning of the service being changed.

⦁ In case the decrease exceeds the 20% of the total amount we will apply our cancellation policy (see below).

⦁ For services up Euro 99,99 a variation is considered equal to a cancellation unless it’s notified to us and we have responded at least 4 Hrs before the Service.

⦁ If you send us an email 5 hrs before the service, it is not guaranteed that we will see it right away, therefore if you don’t received an immediate ask sent by a person (not an automated replay) please call to make sure we are aware if the change.

⦁ Example 1: You have booked 2 Full day Tours at the value of Euro 500,00 each for a total chargeable of Euro 1.000,00. you decide to shorten one of the days which would bring your total to Euro 900,00 and request this change 3 days before.

⦁ We will do without any penalty since the change is inferior to a 20% reduction of the total charges.

⦁ Example 2: You booked an Airport arrival Transfer at Euro 90,00 you miss the connection and call us 3 hrs before the schedules arrival, the value of the transfer is lost.

⦁ If you had called us 5 hrs before we would have rescheduled the service with no penalty.