⦁ Since our service is customized, we intentionally don’t want that a client may book services which are not suitable to his needs, just on a “click and pay” basis. We want to make sure that what our customers buy is really what they need and nothing more.

⦁ Therefore before we let you pay, we’d rather verify your needs and possibly give you advices if our experiences tells us to.

⦁ Once your plan is finalized we will require an authorization letter to debit the services on a Visa/MC, (not Am-Ex), we will email you a form that you can fill out and fax it back to us to the following numbers:

⦁ – International Toll Free Fax from US/CAN: +1-877-329-4348 (1-877-FAX4DGT) dialled as if our fax were based in the US.

⦁ – Main Fax: +39 055 6511507

⦁ – 1st Alternative Fax: +39 36 3356579545

⦁ – 2nd Alternative Fax: +39 02 700533718

⦁ If you don’t have a fax machine, you may scan/digitalize the document and send it to us as an email attachment as a doc, pdf, jpg, tif, etc.

⦁ We ask you to fax it or to email the attachment since we need to have on this letter the same signature which appears on the credit card.

⦁ In case you book services more than 2 months away we will only charge your card about 1 month before the beginning of the services.

⦁ If you are trying to send us a last minute booking, and are 100% certain about its total cost you may download the form from this link and word process it, making sure you indicate the amount you want us to charge your card.